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Talking Tech Jobs: Thorkil Sonne

Thorkil Sonne generated worldwide interest a few years ago when stories surfaced about his success in tapping the unique talents and skills of workers with autism in Denmark. Sonne, who has a son with autism, created Specialisterne to assess, train and hire people with autism. His work there has generated change across the technology industry and inspired scores of other tech giants to follow his lead, including Microsoft, SAP, Freddie Mac, EwC, JPMorgan Chase and EY. Sonne estimates more than 10,000 jobs have been created for workers on the spectrum. His hope is that by 2030 that number will rise to a million, he told the World Economic Forum. Sonne believes that’s needed to ensure that there are enough innovative and resilient workers for the next Industrial Revolution. So, if you’re hoping to ride the next big wave of employment, a career in tech might be a great option.


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