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Etiquette is serious business for students


Terri Thompson instructs Angela Cummings at an etiquette dinner and fashion show at Marshall University. Photo is coutesy of the Huntington Herald-Dispatch.

Most colleges and universities offer couses, workshops or seminars on etiquette these days because good etiquette is a foundation of academic, social and business success. It’s not just about negotiating which knife or fork to use at a formal dinner. Or knowing the difference between black-tie and white-tie attire. Nor is it simply mastering the fine art of small talk and cocktail party kibitzing. Etiquette is charm school on steroids — learning to be comfortable around other people and to make them comfortable around you. Today’s complex world requires people to move easily between business, school and social settings — conveying confidence to those around them. Equally important is knowing when, where  and what to say — and how to say things. Think it’s difficult to navigate interactions with professors, job supervisors and prospective employers? It can get even more complicated as you enter the world of business in a multicultural society. But help is available. Most colleges offer etiquette courses through their business programs. Some offer special etiquette dinners, especially for juniors and seniors. Not sure if a brush-up in etiquette is right for you? Just for fun, here’s a quiz to test your etiquette instincts.


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