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Gonzalez: Asperger’s made me do it. Bah humbug


No it didn’t. Stop the lie now because it’s selfish and potentially, incredibly harmful to all the smart, talented people with autism and Asperger’s who are positive contributing members of society. Stop blaming your hacking ways — and other criminal pursuits — on Asperger Syndrome. That’s my message to the the most infamous computer hackers of the moment. Viachelav Berkovich earlier this year was sentence to 55 months in prison for his role in a multimillion-dollar computer fraud scheme and cited Asperger Syndrome. Gary McKinnon, the admitted Pentagon hacker, played the Asperger’s card in his defense. Now comes the mastermind behind one of  the biggest cases of credit card fraud in U.S. history:  Albert Gonzalez. He  is accused of hacking into consumer accounts at TJ Maxx, BJ’s Wholesale Club and Sports Authority and stealing the numbers to millions of credit and debit card accounts. Gonzalez, who was scheduled to be sentenced Monday, is blaming Asperger’s although it’s unclear if he even has a diagnosis. His sentencing has now been delayed. Honestly, I can’t say whether any of these guys are on the spectrum or not. But when you break the law, when you understand right from wrong and choose the latter, when you are of average and higher-than-average intelligence as are people with Asperger Syndrome — you ought to take responsibility for your actions. Don’t blame Asperger Syndrome, blame yourselves.


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  1. The problem with the article is, people on the Autism spectrum speak and understand only essentially 1-2 % of the language used in education and to teach them socially about rules and cues. If a society is refusing (due to greed of some members of it) to spend the money it takes to fund Autisms ervices from cradle to grave, then “normals” only have themselves to blame when Autism spectrum people do not udnerstand the “rules” and “laws” — heck, they are not even getting juries of their Autism spectrum peers, Autism DX’d lawyers or judges, or even an Autism language interpret in court. What do you expect ? “Normals” want to be cheap Scrooges, you only get what you pay for — got a broken system ? You are to blame. You “normals” alone created the broken system — after all, autistics are not allowed to participate. Don’t blame the autistic for having a neurological disability — its as “not cool” as blaming Michael J. Fox for his Parkinsons or Hawkings for his ALS.

    Comment by EquiisSavant | December 17, 2009 | Reply

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