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Wrangling the course registration process

Pre-registering for your spring semester courses can be a nightmarish time as you try to line up the right mix of courses at the right times for your busy schedule of classes and extra-curricular activities. But the earlier you do it, the greater the likelihood that you’ll get into the classes you most need and want. If you’re a freshmen, try to get several of your core requirements out of the way early (Check out the Allegheny College video, above). Whatever your level, schedule classes with your temperament in mind. If you’re not fully awake until 9 in the morning, it’s probably best to avoid 8 a.m. classes. Check out if you’re not familiar with the person teaching the course you’re considering. In fact, when possible, schedule a brief meeting before you sign up in order to meet the professor, discuss the course and get a syllabus for the class. The more you know about a course, the better. You want to schedule for yourself a mix of classes that balances those that are writing and reading intensive with those that have a lighter workload. If you know your major, be sure to incorporate classes that count toward your major’s requirements. The goal is to have a well-rounded schedule that keeps you challenged, on track for graduation and that spices your week with electives that enlarge your world view.


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