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More counseling help on campus

Stress levels tend to be highest among young adults — especially those grappling with college, new careers and ever-changing social relationships. And more are seeking counseling. Colleges and universities are hurrying to meet the demand. The University of Idaho is offering free screenings Thursday at its Counseling and Testing Center. Universities across the country are adding counselors. And the City University of New York (CUNY) is using an innovative computer game called AtRisk by Kognito to atrisktrain faculty to recognize students who are overwhelmed. A recent poll found that 85% of colleges and universities have seen an increase in mental health problems on campus. Often the problems are severe. Some 2.35 million of an estimated 18 million college students are struggling with severe depression, according to the National College Depression Partnership, which is working with 20 select colleges to quantify and  mitigate the problem. However, many young adults in need of counseling or other mental health services don’t seek help. In a 2006 study, the American College Health Association found that nearly 50% of students said they had been so depressed at one time in the previous 12 months that they found it difficult to function. Colleges are working hard to make sure students know that counseling is available and stigma-free.


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