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Colleges celebrate Disability Awareness Week

All this week, colleges and universities across the country are conducting workshops, showing movies and providing a range of educational and fun activities to raise awareness of the special challenges facing people with disabilities and the resources available to them. During National Disability Awareness Week, Spoon River College in Canton, Ill., is emphasizing the invisible disabilities, such as autism and Asperger Syndrome.  “When we hear the word ‘disability,’ we often picture a person in a wheelchair, a person who is visually impaired using a cane, or a person who is hearing impaired using sign language or wearing a hearing aid,” said Janet Munson, Student Services Advisor/Disability Services. “Many disabilities are not visible, however, and the majority of our students with disabilities have ‘invisible’ disabilities. UCLA and Oklahoma State University will host a variety of workshops and activities related to bannerMaindisabilities. Films Raising Kate and Tints of Autism will be featured at UCLA. This week also marks the final days of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, which highlights the talents and contributions of Americans with disabilities in the nation’s workforce and works to tear down employment barriers.


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  1. Fellow Interested Parties,

    I am particularly interested in finding a symbol, logo, or design which identifies with Asperger’s Syndrome or could be used to identify with asperger. In your travels, have you seen any relevant item being used by anyone or if you see one, could you please copy/photograph/ identify it and forward it to me with perhaps the contact detail if I wish to follow up the people using it.

    I am interested in compiling all identifiers.

    Many have used a piece of a puzzle or a spectrum 4 colour item, but I would love to hear from you as to what would be really meaningful as an identifier with aspergers. If you have an idea, please tell me.

    Please feel free to forward this to as many people that you know who are involved with or know of Aspergers either in Australia or overseas. Hopefully there is someone out there who can help.

    Brad Thomas
    Brisbane, Australia
    PO Box 3381 South Brisbane Queensland. Australia 4101
    61-7-3846 1277

    Comment by Brad Thomas | December 5, 2009 | Reply

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