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Do you understand what you read?

Reading comprehension and critical thinking skills are fundamental to success in school. SATs, exams, GREs all test your abilities to decipher, decode and analyze information. Teachers and professors will ding your grade for failure to organize your footnotes and bibliographies according to rereadstyle, but the root of what they are looking for in your papers is your ability to synthesize and enlarge on the information you assemble. Here are a few things you can do to keep your mind nimble and continue to strengthen your reading skills.

1. Break reading assignments into small digestible amounts and make sure you understand a few pages before moving on.

2. If you don’t know a word, look it up. Create your own mini glossaries. You’ll expand your vocabulary exponentially over time.

3. Find out what assistive technology your schoool or university offers that can help improve reading comprehension.

4. Read a national newspaper daily. Not only will it broader your knowledge of the world but will build your skills at deciphering more complex writing.

5. Fiction can be harder for people who tend to be more concrete in their thinking. But the more familiar you become with the imagery and the ideas, the easier fiction reading becomes.


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