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Roommate regrets

“Tufts University bans sex in front of college roommates,” the headlines blared. The story was in almost every newspaper this week and prompted more than a few jokes. But frisky roommates acting badly  is the exception rather than the rule in most dormitories. The core issue here is showing respect for your roommate. Some students with Asperger’s or autism avoid roommate problems altogether by opting for single rooms. But singles cost more and there can be benefits from learning to live in close quarters with a fellow student. The keys to success are honesty and courtesy. Let your roommate know if you are sensitive to sound or light. Respect each other’s personal space. Agree on rules for visitors. Learn when to speak and when to listen. Colleges often are successful at matching roommates who will prove compatible based on their preferences and habits. However, if things aren’t working out between you and your roommate, talk to your resident adviser. There’s usually a solution.


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