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Staying healthy on campus

fluAway at college, removed from the familiar routines of home, some students get careless with their health. The freshmen 15 is real for many as students pile on the easy carbs and skip over those vegetables and fresh fruits. Late nights and early mornings tempt many to reach for energy drinks, sodas and coffee to stay awake and alert. Those on prescription medicine regimens may miss doses occasionally or stop taking their medicine altogether. There’s little a parent can do if the student lives on campus and at a distance except for those gentle reminders. But those are important. Some campus support programs for Asperger’s students can help, too. This year, especially, the easiest thing you can do to avoid illness is frequent handwashing. Don’t ignore those hand sanitizers strategically placed around campus. Use them. And when those free seasonal flu shots are offered, get in line. Interestingly, young adults are among those most vulnerable to H1N1 or the swine flu virus. The FDA just this week approved a vaccine, but plans are still in the works for its distribution. Stay tuned for details. And in the meanwhile, here’s to good health!


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