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Is help afoot for those college bills?

capitolPaying for college is an extraordinary expense for most families. But parents of students with Asperger’s often must bear the additional cost of paying for support services to help their student deal with the social and organizational aspects of a successful college career. Thursday’s action  by the U.S. House of Representatives, aimed at drastically overhauling the nation’s college aid programs, might bring some relief to financially stressed wallets. The bill — supported by President Obama but still in need of Senate approval — pushes private lenders out of the student loan business. It would increase the maximum Pell Grant to $6,900 and save taxpayers an estimated $87 billion, the Congressional Budget Office forecasts.


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  1. I need some advice. My son has Aspergers and had been going to NYIT for disabled students for 3 yrs. His Step-father recently has informed me that there is still an outstanding balance of $5100 that is still owed to the school. I have no idea what happened to the child support that I gave them for his needs, but that is another story I’m sure. What I am asking is this; Is there any small interest loans or what avenues can I take to apply for monies? I myself is strapped in a big way myself, but is there help somewhere? I don’t have a clue where to turn.

    thanks, norbert

    Comment by norbert panet | October 1, 2009 | Reply

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